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Time management – A personal approach

Author: Nils, Posted On: februari 8th, 2012, In: Business design, Tutorials

A new day, full of opportunities and a lot of interesting and fun things to do. So lets begin the day with opening up the e-mail box. #Wrong!


Maybe you recognize yourself in it, but after writing back this 5 messages, I always find myself checking my e-mail again and again. Last week I counted a couple of time the time I’m bussy with responding to e-mail and found out its more or less a continuous process that ends when I go to bed. I also find the eagerness of continuously distracting myself with other things that I need to do.


I was shocked, the goal of e-mail was to make communication easier and faster. Before e-mail, you went home from work watch news and spend sometime on your own. Now, in current society more or less everyone expects you to respond within an hour and be available almost 24/7 a week.

Hereby I declare war to unnecessary e-mail and time ruining communication. It’s enough, I wont let digital communication rule my life any longer.


It is very easy if you got distracted by e-mail, that you want to put your thoughts on something different. So more or less by putting down the amount of distraction = an increase in efficiency. That is something I worked on and this is what I like to share. So its time for change and I really would love to share my new approach to e-mail and internet communication in general.


Hereby my golden rules of 2012:

  • Every morning I plan 30 minutes my things to do for the day.
  • Check the internet for news and blogs only after work.
  • Check my e-mail 2 or 3 times a day on a specific and strict time, I chose 11:30 and 17:00 (if necessary at 13:30)
  • Will never check my corporate e-mail after 17:00, unless I agreed on something different with a customer or colleague.
  • Will shut down or not answer my corporate phone after 18:00.
  • Don’t answer or be very direct on unnecessary e-mail.
  • Write short and quick messages


Well, so far it defiantly worked for me! I saved a lot of time and defiantly increased my productivity.


Best of luck with it and feel free to share your thoughts!



Most ideas are worthless. There, I said it.

Author: Nils, Posted On: september 15th, 2011, In: Business design, Concept Design

Actually, I should clarify this — most ideas are worthless to you, and on their own.

The reason is simple: the value of an idea is largely a relative thing. An idea is born in context and of necessity and often carries with it an understanding of its true potential — something that’s only realised in its execution.

People tout the mantra that “ideas are easy and execution is hard”. This is true, but often works in reverse in creative fields. Still, there’s a certain non-committal freedom afforded to an idea. Ideas aren’t bound to reality — their realisation, however, must be. If an idea is a destination, their execution is the map that leads us there.

An idea is only valuable if it’s able to be done, and done well.

What’s interesting is that an idea is only valuable if its thinker has this map. An idea is worthless without an understanding of how, and more importantly, why it should be realised. This is why the ‘million-dollar idea’ is largely a myth. And if forced to decide between having a talent for ideas or the execution of ideas, I would take the latter every time. An idea is only valuable if it’s able to be done, and done well.

Turning an idea into a real thing is where magic truly happens (or doesn’t). In many cases there’s just a handful of ways to execute an idea well, and a myriad of avenues to squander it. A mediocre idea can become great with the right execution. Conversely, a great idea can be lost if the execution is poor. Thus, the value of an idea depends very much on who’s realising it.

So if someone copies your idea and executes it better than you, do they have a greater claim on it? That’s a very sticky question. It shouldn’t happen, but it does all the time. If your ideas aren’t original, for goodness sake, let your execution be. Anyone can get their hands on a good idea. It takes a special person (or people) to carry out an execution that’s worthy of it.


My thoughts about pricing. A subject on its own.

Author: Nils, Posted On: februari 8th, 2011, In: Business design

Pricing is often seen as extra, or something unimportant. I believe that pricing is the most underestimated P of the Marketing Mix model by McCarthy’s. Especially now a days the internet makes price comparison and service comparison more available to anyone. This eventually lead to more transparency and more competition in most markets out there.

The right pricing is completely aligned with your strategy and goals. Pricing should help you help achieve your goal.

I suggest to look at your prices carefully, experimenting and looking at competition can help. Remember, no one is expecting you to do work for nothing.


Nils Lok has been designing websites professionally for over eight years.


While his experience extends to many facets of graphic design, his passion lies in online and offline projects. Wherever possible, Nils designs and develops accessible websites and solutions to the latest W3C standards and speaks about himself in the third person.


In 2004 Nils founded Vixio Internet Diensten, working as a freelancer on projects with numerous clients from the Netherlands. Nils is a great communicator with a strong understanding of the developmental, financial, informational and management issues for all stakeholders in an online venture. These skills allowed him to successfully manage projects for private organisations in the Netherlands and overseas at Kachile Côte d’Ivoire and in Austria for  Eberwein GmbH and Stubaital ski region.


Nils holds a Masters degree BA in Business from the Management Center Innsbruck.




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